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mekanikalangel ([personal profile] mekanikalangel) wrote2009-01-23 02:54 pm

regurgitated sadness

As a person, I seem to have a strong constitution for the grotesque. I've shocked friends by being able to eat while watching an autopsy. I've often thought that I've been desensitized to the violence that people are capable of doing. So one would think that the things that animals are capable of wouldn't bother me. Waking up to find one of my beloved sugar gliders dead and mutilated by its cage mates cause my stomach to turn itself inside out. It bothers me greatly that they could cannibalize one of their own and even more so that I have no clue as to why. I couldn't tell if it was Vox or Lucky. There was no bald spot and Lucky had been fixed. I have to wait until they wake to find out who it was but I can't bring myself to look at them right now. When I merged the two colonies, all seemed well. They all seemed to get along well.